Channel One Pushing The Envelope

October 8, 2003

From Jim Metrock:

One of my favorite U2 songs is called One Tree Hill. Unfortunately,
this is also the name of a WB Network teen soap opera, loaded with
sexual tension and teen alcohol usage, that Channel One News is currently
advertising to children.

The show sends an awful message to young people about alcohol. The
show makes the point that all teens, or at least all the "cool" teens,
drink alcohol and that there is nothing wrong with this. Next week’s
episode will show some negative results of drinking when one student
has an accident after a party, but that does nothing to overcome the
reckless value messages coming from this trashy show.

Drinking is OK for teens. Binge drinking may or may
not be.

This is a scene from next week’s show. The message to viewers:
It is normal and acceptable for teenagers to drink alcohol.
Indeed, one has to do that to be popular.

Teen athletes like keg parties.

We would normally go get a keg (of beer) at this point in
your hazing, says the coolest guy in school, on the left. Alcohol
usage by teens is normalized throughout this Channel One News-advertised
TV show.


Why would Channel One News heavily advertise this pro-alcohol TV show
to pre-teens and teens? I know the answer because Channel One has advertised
movies and TV shows with alcohol and drug content for years. Remember
Dude, Where’s My Car? or The Loser?

Way Too Much Drinking and Way Too Much Sex

The sexual content of One Tree Hill is shocking. One character is
the "school slut" and she is doing everything she can to
sleep with the new boy in town. She is only a "slut" because
she is so blunt. It is obvious that most of the female and male characters
in this school are sexually active.

Why is the main character nude?

A totally gratuitous nude scene shocks the audience of One
Tree Hill. This actor, hiding behind two basketballs, is the
one that was a guest host on Channel One News. Channel One
got a lot of money from WB Network and the actor got a chance
to plug his steamy show to a captive audience of children.

Mind if I get naked in your car?

A naked girl in the backseat is no problem for the main character.
The girl in the back is trying to seduce the jock in the front
seat. He is playing hard to get. Channel One thinks kids as
young as ten (the youngest of Channel One’s audience) can handle
this sexual content.


If your child goes to a school that still has Channel One News, then
they are being told, repeatedly, to watch specific TV shows
when they go home. One show they are told to watch is this stink bomb
– One Tree Hill. The school is endorsing the viewing of One Tree Hill
and the other shows on the WB Network that are in the advertising rotation
on Channel One. Public schools should not be promoting, directly or
indirectly, shows that promote underage drinking and sexual activity.
(Here’s a news flash: A public school should not be promoting ANY television
show during school time.)

Why would Channel One News further endanger its relationship with
schools by running ads for One Tree Hill? The WB Network is one of
the few remaining "big" advertisers on the crippled Channel
One tv show. The marketing geniuses at Channel One News are not about
to turn away ad revenue simply because some material may be offensive
to children. Channel One knows that few parents will ever know this
show was advertised during school. They might just get away with it.

Bed talk.

Peyton is constantly thinking about having sex with her jock
boyfriend Nathan. Here they are on her bed and Peyton is getting
nowhere with him. Did Channel One News ever review this this
show before agreeing to promote it to children? Where is the
self-appointed "moral-filter for Channel One"? Where
is Jeff Ballabon when you need him the most?

Your favorite position?

Kimberly is playing a game with the main character as the
teacher is trying to lecture the class. She asks Luke what
is his favorite color. "Yellow," he replies. She
asks, "What is your favorite sexual position?" He
doesn’t say anything. She sees he is taken back by the sexual
comment right in the classroom, so she says she will use her
favorite sexual position as the answer. This show will only
get worse as the season goes on.