Musicians that advertise on Channel One News

June 2, 2011


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From Jim Metrock:

Check out our Facebook page exposing musical acts that usurp school time by advertising on Channel One.

One has to be a fairly sorry act to resort to advertising in public school classrooms.  Most of these bands and solo acts are relatively unknown.  They obviously are hoping that by forcing students to listen to their music sales will increase.  Here’s a news flash: advertising on Channel One News may well decrease sales of CDs and downloads.

Students, especially high school students and older middle school students are music experts.  They are savvy enough to know that any band or singer that has to advertise on the geeky Channel One News show is probably not very good to begin with.  Simply because Channel One constantly says these acts are “exciting” “fresh” and “bold,” doesn’t make them so.

I have talked to a manager of one band that was promoted on Channel One News and he said they didn’t pay Channel One a penny for the advertising.  He tried to distance his client from Channel One, but an ad is an ad even if it isn’t paid for.  All of these musicians should walk away from Channel One News if they want to maintain credibility with teens and preteens.