Complete, unedited Channel One News for December 17, 2010

July 6, 2011


Adriana Diaz on the December 17, 2010 Channel One News program. Up to six million students are compelled to watch Ms. Diaz by force of Channel One's onerous contract.

See what Channel One News doesn’t want you to see.


What Channel One shows parents is not what students see in their classroom. Channel One does not allow the public to see two minutes of their 12-minute daily program.

Channel One News removes both commercial breaks from their web rebroadcast of the show. This leaves parents and the rest of the public in the dark concerning what is being advertised to students in their classrooms.

This show is 12 minutes and 25 seconds long. Channel One News is fudging over their strict 12-minute limit as they often do. That extra 25 seconds might not seem like much but multiply it by 6,000,000 students (Channel One’s audience claim). ┬áThat extra 25 seconds = 41,000 student hours stolen from American secondary schools in addition to the waste of the other 12 minutes. ┬áThe cost of this December 17, 2010 show? 12:25 X 6,000,000 = over 1,200,000 students hours lost to Channel One’s hyper-commercial show.


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