Coachella Valley’s school board will sell their students to just about anybody.

April 13, 2015


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P. T. Barnum referring to the Coachella Valley USD school board members.


From Jim Metrock:  I recently posted an article about the Coachella Valley United School District agreeing to place Skoollive electronic billboards in their school hallways.  These billboards (Skoollive calls them “kiosks”) will bring static, video, and video-with-sound ads into school hallways. 

I knew the name “Coachella Valley” sounded familiar and sure enough I remember this article about Coachella Valley school district signing up with the notorious BusRadio company.

This California school district appears to be perfectly comfortable selling their students to any advertising scheme that comes along.  

For more on the former kiddie marketing firm called BusRadio click here.

The school board members of Coachella Valley United School District are either utterly naive about schoolhouse marketers or they view schoolchildren simply as commodities to be sold to the highest bidder.  

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