Skoollive contract: Revenue from Display of Kiosk System Content

August 27, 2015





From Jim Metrock:

Are you a school board member whose board is considering entering into a contract with the youth marketing firm Skoollive?

You owe it to your community to take some time to better understand what is in the Skoollive contract.

Here is one section (1.7) and one subsection (1.7.1) of the contract.  These are very important because they deal with the money Skoollive says it send to schools.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 10.46.56 AM



There are a lot of deductions to be made from gross revenue before arriving at “net revenue.”  It is difficult to see how a school district can achieve any significant financial benefit from Skoollive.

If Skoollive billboard/kiosks do create any “net revenue,” it is outrageous that the school district will keep only 30%.  Why doesn’t the school district keep 70% and Skoollive 30%?  (Short answer: Skoollive wrote the contract.)

Every school board member should read the entire Skoollive contract.  This is just one of the disturbing parts of their contract.











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