Channel One News Hall of Shame: This is one of the milder movies promoted on classroom TVs.

March 13, 2017

Note: Today is March 13, 2017.  I am posting this article from 2011 because parents and school administrators are denied access to the list of advertisers on the controversial Channel One TV show.  By going back in time a little bit, one can get an idea of Channel One’s advertising.

This is one of the milder movies Channel One saw fit to advertise to high school and middle school students.  For the vast majority of their history, Channel One has advertised movies, TV shows, and music that normalized and often glorified drinking and drug use.  Channel One News movies also contain disgusting levels of age-inappropriate sexual content.

I once asked Channel One’s Paul D. Folkemer  if he or anyone at Channel One ever previewed a movie before they advertised it to schoolchildren.  He laughed, then said, “No.”

The nerve of these creepy Channel One marketing executives.  They wouldn’t walk across the street to help a student if they weren’t going to make a buck out of it.  They didn’t care to see the content of a movie they advertised to students because they don’t care about  students. To them, students are a target market, not much more than that.

Channel One News made money only by advertising things like movies to its captive audience of schoolchildren.



From Mar. 26, 2011

Channel One News executives don’t care if it’s age-inappropriate. Advertising movies is a big money maker for this kiddie marketing company.


Some of the content in this Channel One News-plugged/endorsed movie:

Sex & Nudity

Several sex scenes throughout, involving various states of undress (including underwear), and partial nudity.

A man has a foot fetish, and makes sexual advances towards a woman’s feet.

A pornographic website with a profane title is mentioned. A penis is referred to as an African rain stick. Orgasms, lesbians, defecation, erectile dysfunction, hookers, sex offenders, as well as pap smears and prostate exams are also mentioned.

The sexual dialogue is in some scenes intense, and lewd.


Only 1 f-word is said aloud. But there are many scenes involving slurred or unfinished f-words.

15 s-words, including scatalogical references.

Nearly 30 uses of religious profanity.

Many instances of name-calling, including including sexist (both male & female) terms, and various profanities.



Many scenes of drinking throughout, and some drunkenness.

Some scenes of drinking among various characters, at homes, at bars, and at the studio.

Various drugs are mentioned, but only a cigar is used on-screen.


From The best website for parents who want to know the content of movies.


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