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Media literacy – the ability to critically consume and create media – is an essential skill in today’s world. Media literacy education seeks to give kids and adults greater freedom by empowering them to access, analyze, evaluate and produce media.

Media literate youth and adults are better able to understand the complex messages we receive from television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, billboards, signs, packaging, marketing materials, video games, recorded music, the Internet and other forms of media. They can understand not only the surface content of media messages (the “text”) but also the more important meanings (the “subtext”) hidden beneath the surface. People who are media literate can also create their own media, becoming active participants in our media culture.

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From the archives: Wasting time with Channel One News (2010)

August 17, 2012
From the archives: Wasting time with Channel One News (2010)

There is very little hard news on Channel One News. The company is a kiddie marketing company and selling stuff to a captive audience of schoolchildren is what Channel One is all about. This Play of the Week does two things. First, it wastes time. This is filler. Showing this is cheaper than actually...
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