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SkoolLive is a Los Angeles startup that seeks to place digital billboards (kiosks) into public schools. The main purpose of the kiosks is to generate advertising revenue from the captive audience of students who must walk by the ever-changing advertisements flashing on the digital panels. SkoolLive says they will share some of the ad revenue with schools. The company also seeks to use the kiosks not just to advertise to schoolchildren, but to facilitate student purchases.

Maricopa Unified School District considers Skoollive

April 29, 2015
Maricopa Unified School District considers Skoollive

Cast of characters: Dr. Steve Chestnut, Superintendent Kyle Ryan, Skoollive salesman Mrs. Torri Anderson, Governing Board member (the only Board member asking questions about Skoollive) Mrs. Krista Barrett,┬áMaricopa High School Assistant Principal Mrs. Bernadette Russoniello (a teacher or staff person at Maricopa High School)   From the minutes of the MARICOPA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT...