Satellite Problem To Cost Channel One Up To $5 Million

May 28, 1998

Channel One’s parent company,
PRIMEDIA, issued a press release on May 26 preparing investors
for lower earnings in their second quarter. It could be up to
a $5 million loss caused by the malfunction aboard the Galaxy
IV satellite.

This summer every dish on every school will have to be readjusted
to a new satellite source. PRIMEDIA told investors that the work
will be completely done before school begins. That will be a

Obligation urges all schools
to tell the Channel One contractor that comes to adjust the dish
to simple take the dish and the other equipment with him. "This
is a perfect opportunity to kick this advertising company to
the curb." said Jim Metrock. "Educators need to reevaluate
Channel One before they allow Channel One paid-contractors onto
their property. School board members need to ask themselves,
‘Does Channel One really enhance our school, or does it only
enhance Channel One?’"