Channel One Suspends Reviewing R-Rated Movies For Children

June 30, 1998

For nearly two years Channel One has reviewed R-rated movies for children visitors to its official web site. many of these movies contained graphic sexual content, ultra-violence, and non-stop profanity. Channel One officials also gave children a link to the movie’s official web site which often contained material not suitable for children. Channel One routinely asked children to send in their own reviews of the R-rated movies and to share their comments about these age-inappropriate movies via e-mail to Channel One.

Jim Metrock, Obligation president, said, “Channel One has no business reviewing movies for children, even if they are G-rated. They certainly have no business reviewing and promoting R-rated movies. When Channel One reviewed the ‘hard R’ “Wild Things” they did warn kids that the ‘R’ was for ‘strong sexuality, nudity, language and some violence’. A bell should have gone off in a Channel One executive’s head and this should never have been reviewed for children.”

“Channel One has until recently steadfastly refused to give up its reviews of R-rated movies and explicit-lyric CDs. Now faced with possible U. S. Senate hearings, they are frantically cleaning up the sludge they have dumped into our children’s lives,” said Metrock. “Channel One only has a place in our children’s lives because they bought their way into our schools. They dangled TVs in front of desperate schools and got school officials to require the showing of Channel One to students who, for all practical purposes, could not escape it. Channel One has never, and will never, earn the right to speak to our children. Channel One is about advertising. The R-rated movie reviews only confirm my observation that Channel One, unfortunately, views children in a much different way than parents do. “

“Whatever the motivation for Channel One, they did the right thing. They have been hitting kids over the head with this hammer (age-inappropriate material) for so long that when they stop, it feels sooo good. Channel One can’t change its spots for long. They have to continue being ‘over the edge’ to attract older teenagers to the many advertisers that Channel One allows on their site.”

“When Channel One is caught doing something unseemly, they reluctantly stop. Obligation told Channel One to stop their feature called ‘Fresh Faces’ where children’s pictures were being solicited to be posted on the Internet. This crazy and dangerous feature was discontinued by Channel One, but only after condemnation from outsiders. Channel One thought it was a good idea to provide children with a ‘Personal Ads’ section on their Internet site. This was a place that children could exchange personal information with anonymous Internet users. Obligation complained loudly. Channel One responded by simply changing the name of the section to ‘Meet & Greet’. Channel One executives are apparently clueless to our children’s safety. Recently, in cleaning up the web site they have finally dropped this section. Channel One had a ‘Playlist’ section on their site that listed Marilyn Manson and Bone Thugs and Harmony as hot groups among children. This idiocy was stopped after Obligation complained. The message to parents is clear – don’t trust Channel One.”

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