Channel One Melt Down Around Corner?

September 3, 1998

Alabama’s second largest school
system, Jefferson County, has taken the very responsible action
of halting the required viewing of Channel One. This does not
mean they are opposed to the program or in support of the program.
This appears to be a very reasonable response to a controversial

"I applaud Jefferson County’s
decision to err on the side of kids. You would expect nothing
less from this system ," said Jim Metrock, Obligation president.

"Walker County’s decision
to halt Channel One earlier this year, and reaffirmed in a summer
board meeting, is also equally good news for taxpayers and parents,"
said Metrock. "Add to that Shelby County’s bold action on
Channel One and we may be getting close to a total Channel One
melt down in Alabama."

"Enough is enough. Channel
One has taken and taken from our state and given little in return.
Alabama citizens want their children’s school time back."