Tattoo You!

September 13, 1999

Channel One’s web site is instructing children on how to tattoo themselves. These tattoos are not permanent, but they are not readily removable either. You will have to go to their web site to read for yourself. Channel One is encouraging children to apply these dark stain henna tattoos by suggesting that their mothers will be angry. Hey, no better reason than that to get a tattoo. Channel One also tells the children that Madonna has gotten these same type of tattoos.

This recent article by Channel One will propel some children to get real permanent tattoos. The tattoos Channel One are promoting involve the application of a dark stain that will last from one week to a month on a child’s skin.

Here’s what Channel One says on the first page of their article to get kids fired up about getting a tattoo: “Temporary Tattoo? My Mom will flip! Let’s start!” Then children are encouraged to learn how to mix up the paste for tattooing. (“”) Click here to read Channel One’s article. ( They have a history of erasing such articles if they get too much criticism, but if they do, Obligation will put it on our site.

Special Note – September 15, 1999 – It didn’t take the Channel One folks long to change their anti-parent “Tattoo” article. Now, Channel One is suggesting a child check with their parents before getting a tattoo. Caught again doing something wrong, Channel One reacts with a cover-up. The mindset of Channel One employees is obvious. They are too young, too inexperience, or just plain too incompetent to be talking to anybody’s children. 

This has been a very bad year for Channel One. They were unsuccessful in preventing a U.S. Senate hearing on their company. The hearing clearly exposed the commercial exploitation of schoolchildren by this company. Also, the largest Protestant denomination in our country urged ALL schools to remove Channel One from their classrooms. And all across the country school administrators are deciding to turn off the program to avoid controversy. In this setting, Obligation was thinking that Channel One would be extra cautious this fall.

The evidence is coming in and it looks like Channel One is more edgier than ever. Look at the article about the topless girl commercial- that is just stupid to put in a classroom. Look at this article on Channel One’s web site encouraging children to get tattoos – idiotic. Tattooing children will haunt Channel One for a long while. Parents have every right to be gravely disturbed by this marketing company being in their child’s life.


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