National Curriculum?

May 23, 2000

“All Who Want A National Curriculum For Schools Please Raise Your Hand.”

Channel One Executive, Roger Wolfson, Praises Channel One For Being “…Closest Thing to a National Curriculum”

Channel One executive, Roger Wolfson, told Progressive Magazine that “In spite of the bad stuff you hear from Nader and the opponents it (Channel One News) really is the closest thing this country has to a national curriculum.”

Jim Metrock, president of Obligation, said, “Mr. Wolfson was being totally honest and he is right. Channel One is a national curriculum that a large number of secondary schoolchildren are forced to experience. All local control is lost for that 13 minutes a day that Channel One is required to be shown. This is curriculum that comes straight from Channel One’s Hollywood studio into the classroom. Communities across the country are finding out about this ‘national curriculum’ and they are throwing Channel One out.”

Metrock continued, “We don’t want a ‘national curriculum’ for our children in Alabama and we sure don’t want Mr. Wolfson and his fellow Channel One executives to be the ones creating it. As Channel One has said in their promotional material, they want to ‘shape’ the views of their young audience. We should all be very, very concerned about that.”

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