Andy Hill President of Channel One Programming Leaves

June 15, 2000

The carnage continues at the controversial Channel One Network. The company often held up their president of programming, Andy Hill, as a reason why parents should trust Channel One. They said in their literature that Hill was the man who brought America “Touched By An Angel” so parents should feel good about the man in charge of programming for their children at school.

Jim Metrock said, “It never made any sense for Channel One to think Andy Hill would make any parent feel good about this TV show. Mr. Hill was not a journalist. He was not a professional educator. He came from CBS Entertainment. He was ‘Mr. Hollywood.” That sent a chill done the spine of parents. Whatever the reason for Hill’s sudden and shocking departure, the Channel One TV show remains in deep trouble. Watch for more heads to roll and more executives to jump ship. You can almost hear Celine Dion singing the theme from ‘Titanic.'”

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