Channel One Advertises Unbelievably Sleazy Movie To Children

July 8, 2000

Jim Metrock said, “Channel One continues to think that children can handle movies filled with strong sexual content and profanity. Our friends at Channel One are promoting the movie “Loser” to its children audience. Channel One’s official web site,, is running a contest so children can win tickets to this yet to be rated movie. The stars of this movie are the stars from last year’s gross-out ‘American Pie’. Please click on this link to see what Channel One is doing to our children and then email Paul Folkemer, the man who approved this ad and tell him what you think.”

Channel One has a history of reviewing and promoting R-rated movies on its web site. This is just the latest offense.

Dr. Paul Folkemer’s email address is


Proof that Channel One executives have lost their minds. Channel One makes money by promoting raunchy movie to children.

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