Loser and Nutty Professor

August 19, 2000

Who cares about
our policies and standards. Nobody reads them.

One of Channel One’s policy statements
says: "(We will) not air programming or commercial content
that promotes promiscuity, the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco,
or includes any offensive language, nudity, or sex."

This policy was violated by the
recent advertisements and contests for the two indecent movies
Channel One promoted to children (Loser and The Nutty Professor
II). Loser was nothing less than a pro-drug, pro-drinking movie
that "winked" and laughed at the use of date rape drugs.
The other movie was a gross-out, dirty movie by Eddie Murphy.
Both movies contained incredible amounts of sexual content and
offensive language. Channel One’s new crew ought to read their
own policy and either begin to abide by it or remove the parts
they have no intention of honoring.

What Channel One’s lobbyists
and public relation people tell the public and what Channel One
actually does are usually two totally different things. This
looks like it is going to be one of Channel One’s ugliest years.
Let’s hope Channel One TV sets are being unplugged across the