Is Dead

September 7, 2000

It was announced last year with
great flourish. Channel One was going to have a web site just
for parents of children required to watch Channel One during their
school day. The concept was ludicrous from the beginning. Channel
One has been a big secret for parents and that is why Channel
One got little press attention from 1991 to 1996.

Jim Metrock said, "The HREF=””>
site turned out to be nothing more than a public relations effort
that was badly botched. A feature on the site called ‘Ask Dr.
Folkemer’ appeared to offer visitors a chance to ask the VP of
Education questions about the program. I was told by Dr. Folkemer
in January that he never answers any questions from the site and
that he was not in favor of having that feature. The several
I have asked Dr. Folkemer through the site have
always gone unanswered. The site was slapped together for PR purposes
and then forgotten about."

This web site has not been updated
for at least five months. It is no longer mentioned on Primedia’s
web site. The two remaining sites that are updated on a regular
basis are and