GAO Study on Commercialism in Schools Prominently Mentions Channel One

September 14, 2000

On September 14, the General Accounting
Office issued a report documenting the rapid rise of commercialism
in public schools. Channel One’s type of commercialism is only
one type, albeit, in our minds it is one of the most outrageous.
The report which made news across the country is: GAO/HEHS-00-156
Public Education: Commercial Activities in Schools.

This is even more bad news for
the marketing executives at Channel One. This company that hated
to see its name in the public is now in the white hot spotlight
of public scrutiny. We urge citizens to ask your Congressperson
or Senator to send you a copy of this report or order it from
the GAO (the report is free). Or you can print it out from the
web site, but its 57 pages.

Check it out yourself.

Read the General Accounting Office report
on Commercial Activities in Public Schools by going to