An Email to Channel One’s President Jim Ritts

September 16, 2000

Dear Mr. Ritts:

Please instruct your sales department and Dr. Folkemer to immediately
refrain from advertising violent entertainment on your show.

As you know, Channel One has systematically
marketed violent entertainment to schoolchildren. (Sorry, got
the tapes and, as you know, the FTC invited me to show them your
company’s ads for violent entertainment. They have the proof in
their files.)

I hope you will agree that the days of pushing violent entertainment
on children is over. The movie studios can’t pay your company
enough to wash away the stench of marketing violence to impressionable

Please write me back and tell me if this practice will be discontinued
at Channel One. If I hear no reply, then I must sadly conclude
that Channel One will continue its current policy.

I also believe that either you or Mr. Rogers ought to issue a
public apology for this offensive advertising. You should run
the apology several times, on different days of the week, on the
Channel One show and make it available on and issue
the apology through major news outlets.

I look forward to your reply.


Jim Metrock