PA Students Continue to Protest Channel One

October 13, 2000

Ken McNatt and other students
in Oil City, Pennsylvania and other nearby cities are expanding
their new organization, Students

Against Commercialized Classrooms Organization (SACCO). As we
reported earlier, Ken McKatt began SACCO to address Channel One’s
presence in his high school. , “SACCO has already grown beyond

expectations. We have 23 total members. 20 at the Oil City High
School, 2 in the Oil City Middle School, and 1 at SACCO’s new
Cranberry affiliate”

McNatt said that SACCO’s main
focus is to eliminate Channel One in as many schools as possible.
“It is time that students take a stand and fight Channel
One, said McNatt.

This high school student is not
afraid to take on this powerful Madision Avenue company. McNatt
said, ” Mr. Wandell, Dr. Folkemer, and Mr. Ritts, this is
just a fair warning: Channel One’s flight will be experiencing
turbulence from here on out. As students just like myself will
be reclaiming what we have lost, that being our valuable school

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