Channel One Advertises Sexually Charged “Charlie’s Angels”

November 6, 2000

Jim Metrock:

On November 3, Channel One executives
gave the go-ahead to force feed millions of schoolchildren a commercial
for the sexually charged and violent PG13 movie "Charlie’s
Angels." Obligation will have more information shortly. A
middle school is monitoring and making copies of Channel One for
us so that parents across the country can understand what this
company is doing to schoolchildren. Channel One’s assault on children
is getting brutal.

Channel One is more aggressive
than ever. I truly do not understand why this company would risk
alienating parents and teachers more than they already have. Advertising
sleazy movies to high school students is repugnant. Advertising
them to middle school students is almost criminal.

This latest commercial promoting
a movie filled with sex talk and women in various stages of undress
mixed with a good measure of violence was approved by Channel
One’s Dr. Paul Folkemer. There was a time when no adult would
ever think about doing this to children. But times change. Channel
One has run amok. If you haven’t kicked Channel One out of your
school yet, this may be a good time to do so.