“All Request Thursdays” Bring Rock, Rap Back Into Classrooms

November 12, 2000



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November 12, 2000 -"All Request Thursdays" Bring
Rock, Rap Back Into Classrooms

For years, Channel One played music on
its in-school TV show from groups and artists known for their violent
and sexually explicit music. They cleaned up their act because Obligation
called national attention to this practice. For many months, Channel
One stayed away from controversy and ditched the current music that
they used to get the students’ attention.

In a bold move, Channel One is now declaring
that every Thursday will be "All Request Thursday." No permission
was asked of teachers or principals and certainly not of parents. Those
schools that still have the Channel One program airing in its classes
will have the "hottest" music playing during the TV show.
What does the latest rap or rock music have to do with education? Absolutely
nothing, but then again this is Channel One.

Jim Metrock said, "Students are tuning
out Channel One. Many students don’t like the demeaning way Channel
One talks to them. Many more don’t like high-priced Channel One executives
thinking that students are just dumb robots that will buy the junk
they see advertised on Channel One. Channel One has to get these students
back and they believe music will attract them. What the Madison Avenue
bosses don’t understand is that young people are a lot smarter than

"Promoting current music on this ‘news’
show will backfire on them," Metrock continued. "This is
yet another dose of popular culture that our schools don’t need. Channel
One wants to blast the latest hits into our classrooms. Teachers don’t
want that. Principals don’t want that. And parents don’t want that.
Channel One’s advertisers love it. That is why Channel One is telling
schools this is the way it’s going to be. Channel One is forcing this
down the throats of educators."

Metrock said, "’Don’t expect ‘All
Request Thursdays’ to be around long. Even for Channel One, this is
a bad idea. "


From Channel One’s web site (November 12, 2000): 

"All Request Thursdays!

Do you like the music you hear on Channel One? Would you like
it more if you could be the music director and pick some of it

With Channel One’s All Request Thursdays you can send in the names
of bands/artists that you’d like to hear (PLEASE DON’T SEND IN
THE NAMES OF SPECIFIC SONGS!). The band or artist with the largest
number of requests will be played on the next Thursday’s show!"