Mandatory Hollywood Curriculum: Channel One

January 1, 2001

Kick Hollywood Out of Your School – Kick Channel One Out – Enough is Enough


Hollywood Curriculum:
Channel One

"Hollywood has a secret
marketing tool. They call it Channel One News. If a school still
has Channel One, that school is giving movie studio executives
time each week with the children to promote their latest violent
and sexually charged movies. Parents have little knowledge that
Channel One is pumping this rot into their children’s classrooms.
When they do find out, Channel One is on the way out. 2001 will
be the year that a dramatic number of schools will throw these
corporate predators out of the school house. The vast majority
of secondary schoolchildren in America are not subjected to the
junk on Channel One. This year make sure your child is free from
this commercial and Hollywood exploitation."

Jim Metrock, president
of Obligation


2001 – A Warning From Obligation president Jim Metrock:

You will be exposed to some very offensive content on our web site. I regret that, but it is necessary if we are to report on Channel One. Channel One is getting worse. Those who have visited our site have seen the decline. When Channel One advertises a filthy, "pothead" movie like "Dude, Where’s My Car", the public needs to know what Channel One told children to see. We have to describe the filthy dialogue and images that Channel One’s advertisers push on children. If we don’t, then how will the public know what Channel One is doing to children?

Currently, Channel One’s TV show is running commercials for a company called This web site contains hardcore pornography. I personally have asked Dr. Paul Folkemer, Channel One VP, to remove these commercials and banner ads from He has refused to respond. The ads are still there. You see, is about to merge with Channel One’s parent company, PRIMEDIA. Yes, Channel One’s parent company will be in the hardcore porn business. 2001 unfortunately looks like the roughest year ever for students that still have to be exposed to Channel One. I hope by being more blunt in our reporting that the demise of this controversial marketing company will come sooner than later.