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March 3, 2001

We at care about your safety and privacy. That’s why we’ve set up this area of our site to tell you about our privacy policy. We’ll tell you what personally identifiable information of yours is collected; how the information is used; with whom the information may be shared; what choices are available to you regarding collection, use and distribution of the information; the kind of security procedures that are in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information that has about you; and how you can correct any inaccuracies in the information.

We hope teens, their teachers and their parents visit our site often, and share their comments and questions. We won’t knowingly allow anyone under 13 to share personal information with us, however, and ask that they not enter our online contests or sweepstakes.

What’s “Personal Information” and why should I care about it?

Personal Information is defined as anything that allows you to be located online or offline, like:

First and Last Name

Physical Address (street, city, state, etc.)

Email Address

Telephone Number

Social Security Number

A Persistent Identifier (like your e-mail address)

Information Collected Online and Combined with identifying information

In other words, personal information tells people how to get in touch with you – online or offline – and, when combined with other information (like if you’re a guy or a girl, your favorite color, your favorite sport, or stuff like that), it tells someone who you are.

Why should you care? Because you shouldn’t give out personal information to just anybody! That’s why we’ve structured our site so that most of the time, you can interact with us, and with our community, without being identified. And, when we do have personal information about you, we use it only to fulfill your requests.

OK. That makes sense. So what kinds of personal information does collect from visitors, why do you collect it, and what do you guys do with it?

We collect some types of information automatically. We only collect other information if you voluntarily provide it to enter a game or contest, participate in our chat rooms or forums, or the like.

Our web servers automatically collect limited information about your computer’s connection to the Internet, including your IP address, when you visit our sites. (Your IP address is a number that lets computers attached to the Internet know where to send your data — such as the web pages you view.) Your IP address does not identify you personally, and we don’t associate it with other personal information you may voluntarily share with us.

We also collect limited information voluntarily supplied by visitors to answer your questions, allow you to post a comment or participate in chat or forums, and register for or enter our online games, sweepstakes and contests.

Let’s describe how that works. First of all, we use email links located on the “about us” page to allow you to contact us directly with any questions or comments you may have. You don’t need to give us your e-mail address unless you want us to respond. If you want an answer from you must submit an e-mail address in the body of your feedback message. After we respond, we delete your e-mail address from our system, but we may file your comments (after stripping out your e-mail address) to improve the site and programs.

To make use of both the comments and chat functions, users may be asked to provide certain information as part of the registration process. To post comments or participate in chat, first name, age, and city or state (used only for the purpose of publishing to accompany a comment or to participate in a chat). This is not the type of information that allows you to be located online or offline. Our chat areas are really message or bulletin boards, and special rules apply. Click here to read our chat room rules. They do not take place in real time, and we always delete your information before posting anything online. Our postings are moderated and reviewed by staff prior to posting to insure that information including your full name, offline address or e-mail address has been removed.

For online games and contests we may ask for name, email address, physical address, telephone number, age, school name and zip code, your gender, and your likes and dislikes, but only for the purpose of administering the prizes/awards. The information that we collect is for the sole purpose of administering the contest/s and awarding prizes/awards. It is available only to and those who provide services to our site or help us administer contests and sweepstakes. Our contests are open only to those over age 13. To be eligible to win, however, the parents of anyone under 18 must sign an affidavit of eligibility before the prize is awarded.

Our bottom line: we don’t collect any data except to fulfill your requests and we don’t sell it or share it with anybody who doesn’t work for us to provide this web site service.

You offer some links to other sites. What can you tell me about their privacy policies?

To make our site more valuable to our visitors, we offer some features in conjunction with other providers. Although we do try to link only with sites who share our philosophy regarding information collection, and who indicate they do not intend to sell or share data with third parties, we don’t control the privacy policies of other sites. Once you leave our servers (you can tell where you are by checking the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) in the location bar on your browser), use of any information you provide is governed by the privacy policy of the operator of the site you’re visiting. That policy may differ from ours. If you can’t find the privacy policy of any of these sites via a link from the site’s homepage, you should contact the site directly for more information.

What security measures do you take regarding personal information?

Only authorized employees and consultants who work directly on the site and who agree to keep information secure can access personal information. Our servers are in a secure location. Since we only collect and retain limited personal information to begin with, and we don’t sell or share it with third parties, we’re confident that any information we do have is protected.

Are there any exceptions to your privacy policy, and will you ever change your policy?

We may use, retain or disclose personal information if required to do so by law, to cooperate in a legal investigation, or to protect the integrity of the site. Our privacy policy will be updated to reflect changes in legislation or fair information collection standards, but we won’t make any retroactive change in how we handle personal data unless required to do so by law.

What should I do if I have questions or want to update, change, or access information?

If you have questions regarding our privacy policy, or would like to update, access or change your information, please contact:

You may also contact us at:
5300 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
323-860-1200 Copyright © 2000 All Rights Reserved.

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