Astrological Help For Children’s Love Lives?!

March 29, 2001

from Channel One

Evidently somebody or several people at Channel One believe deeply in astrology and they want to share this with your child. Channel One has previously promoted astrology on their web site and now they have what they call their "Astro Love Match."

A child picks their sign and the sign of their love interest and Channel One tells gives them the "inside scoop" on their relationship or possible relationship.

For example: If a child was a Taurus and the other child was a Aquarius, Channel One says, "Taurus is so practical and Aquarius is such a dreamer that this might not work out. Only if you have compatible rising signs does this union stand a chance."

Jim Metrock said, "This is standard Channel One trash. These people think so little of children that they don’t care what junk they dump on them. I don’t mean to belittle the beliefs of Channel One executives, but astrology is a bunch of bunk. It is anti-Christian and it can be dangerous if Channel One continues to lead children to believe there is substance to it. Impressionable children should not be encouraged to believe their lives are controlled by people that chart stars. Channel One ought to be ashamed of themselves. This is similar to Channel One’s asinine ‘Doctor Love’ feature last year."

If a child is a Pisces and the other person is a Scorpio, this is what Channel One says, " Oh yeah! You two are so in tune with each other it’s a little crazy! Both of you are emotional, passionate, and sensitive. Scorpio has to be a bit cautious about the more gentle Pisces, but this relationship has the potential to go all the way!"

"…all the way"?

Metrock said, "Unfortunately, the values, or lack of values, of the Channel One staff are being transferred to our children. The Channel One web site is being promoted several times a day on the in-school TV show that children are compelled to watch. The Channel One web site is more than enough reason for schools to stop showing Channel One News."