New Advertiser On Channel One

May 31, 2001

Coca Cola has roared into the classroom. Their Minute Maid division is advertising its sugar water Coolers to students on Channel One.

Here is a short report from the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch about Minute Maid Coolers:

Headline: “A blast for kids”

“If boxes of Hi-C Blast and Minute Maid Coolers look amazingly alike, it’s because both are made by Coca- Cola.
The kid-friendly drinks, in assorted flavors, come in pouches with straws. Although both are basically sweetened water with a little fruit juice concentrate, the Hi-C drink contains 100 percent of the Daily Value of vitamin C, while Minute Maid does not. And Hi-C was selling for 20 cents less ($3.29 vs. $3.49 for a 10-pouch box).

The flavors were sweet, and the color of Hi-C’s Tropical Bash was Windex blue. I’ll bet kids will like them.”

Jim Metrock said, “Coca Cola makes two almost identical junk drinks and Channel One is advertising the junkiest of the two. Schools have no control over what is pushed on their students. There is no local control. Channel One executives like Paul Folkemer make the decision on what is advertised in the classroom. These executives have shown themselves over and over again to be reckless. There are no controls on Channel One.”

Metrock said, “It is disturbing to see the name ‘Coolers’ on a drink product aimed at pre-teens and teens. It is an obvious play on wine coolers and other trendy alcoholic beverages. Add another reason to kick Channel One out of your schools.”

If your school still has Channel One, they are telling your children to begin drinking “Coolers” in these four sugary favors: Berry Punch, Fruit Punch, Pink Lemonade,
Tropical Punch.

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