Two Emails to Jim Ritts and “Gang”

June 11, 2001

Your guide to the Channel One gang: Jim Ritts is the latest president. Frederick
Sawabini, formerly of MTV (Oh great!) is president of Sales & Marketing.
Paul D. Folkemer, is Executive Vice President of Education Services. He is
basically a PR man who has tried unsuccessfully for three years to create an
educational facade around the company. Kevin J. Neary is the Executive Vice
President and Chief Financial Officer. He was president of the company for
a few months when the previous president, Kevin McAliley shocked everyone by
leaving. Lisa Hidalgo is Senior Vice President in charge of Research. We assume
this is marketing research and not educational research.

Lawrence Kaplan is Senior Vice President of Channel One Online. He is to blame
for Roger Wolfson is the former staff member to U.S. Senator
Paul Wellstone. He is working on the new "Interactive Channel One." Tom
Rogers is the CEO of Channel One’s parent company Primedia. Henry Kravis is
the legendary takeover investor whose company Kohlberg Kravis and Roberts owns
83% of Primedia.

Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 22:26:42 -0500


From: Jim Metrock <>

Subject: Your Movie Assault on Children


Dear Mr. Ritts:

In the past few months, your company has gone a bit insane. But you know
that already, don’t you?

You have turned our nation’s classrooms into a coming attractions sideshow
for the scummiest Hollywood studios.

Why would you advertise "Tomb Raider" to

Why would you advertise "Planet of the Apes" to children?

Why would you advertise "Dude, Where’s My Car?" to children?

Why would you advertise "Head Over Heels" to children?

Why would you advertise "Joe Dirt" to children?

Why would you advertise "Josey and the Pussycats" to children?

Why would you advertise "Monkeybone" to children?

Mr. RItts, you should stop dumping this
filth on students.

Do you, or any of you executives, really
think that children don’t have enough Hollywood in their lives?

Do you really think children need MORE
sleaze in their lives?

No adult should be doing what you are doing
to children. I once again will try to appeal to your sense of morality,
decency. Stop advertising this age-inappropriate entertainment to other
people’s children. I have never seen your company so brutal when it
comes to its advertising.

Sicken by your recklessness,

Jim Metrock

PS I request that one of you, please forward
this email to Mr. Henry Kravis. He needs to know what is going on with
Channel One.

Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 20:02:07 -0500


From: Jim Metrock <>

Subject: Your Movie Assault on Children THE SEQUEL

Dear Mr. Ritts:

Channel One has become the new Digital Entertainment Network. Never have
you guys pushed parents and educators so far.

I cannot believe the latest word about your advertising.

You advertised the PG13 movie "The Animal" at least twice and
some children say you aired it three times. This is another Channel One
Funny Movie that has bestiality jokes in it (along with other filth).
What is with you guys and bestiality? Why is this so important to get
this stuff in front of children?

Did you see this movie, Mr. Ritts? Or did you think Mr. Ballabon or Dr.
Folkemer were going to see it before it was approved?

This is from your Channel One Policies
page on

"Products and/or Services that will Not Be Considered for Channel One

Abortion clinics, alcoholic beverages, contraceptive products, firearms,
gambling, drug-related paraphernalia, R, NC 17, or X rated movies, movies
without ratings, prescription drugs, feminine hygiene products, political
advertising, solicitation of funds, and tobacco products."

First, I want to thank Channel One for
taking the heroic step of not advertising beer and wine coolers in
the classroom. And also I know you could be advertising firearms in
schools and you decided not to. Bully for you. I really mean that.
But now you are advertising movies without ratings. You advertised
Planet of the Apes and the voiceover tells everyone that the film is
not yet rated. Did you really mean films that would never receive a
rating or what? Somebody is panicking in your company and making really,
really stupid decisions and that makes it even worse for children.

Don’t advertise another unrated movie,
Ok, Mr. Ritts? You own policies are pretty shabby and your company’s
standards are low enough, there should be no reason for you to violate
them. Again, I hope someone who receives this forwards it on to Henry
Kravis. This movie assault on kids has to end.

Jim Metrock