How To Embarrass A Principal

August 8, 2001

Go to our Channel One videopage and watch the Channel One "news" story
on Alma Bryant’s much violated uniform policy. The principal is Ed Latham.
He comes off as a buffoon who doesn’t know his policy is being violated by "everyone".
Channel One reporter Tracy Smith was given run of the school to do her report.  She
walks down the hall reading the uniform rules in a tone mocking the administration.

Ms. Smith shows the Channel One audience how easy it is to violate the uniform
policy.  Students are very open about showing how they blatantly break
the rules. Smith says violating the uniform code has become a "sport" at
Alma Bryant.

One comes away from this report thinking that Principal Latham isn’t up to
being a principal and that if students are openly defying him on uniforms than
what else is he incapable of enforcing in his school.