One More Reason To Throw Channel One Out Of Serious Classrooms

August 19, 2001

From Channel One’s web site: "Starting September 24th, we’re giving you an all-access pass to about-to-break bands, as well as video and audio snippets of your favorite group’s latest CD before it’s in stores!"

Channel One started out their new season of broadcasting by announcing that MORE rock and rap music was going to be piped into America’s classrooms. Monday’s edition of Channel One will now showcase new musical groups and artists that are trying to get their big break.

Well, Channel One is going to give them their "big break" by playing a new band’s music. Channel One also will begin to play parts of music videos from more well-known groups.

Last school year, Channel One pushed school boards and principals to the limit when they turned their Thursday show into "All Request Thursday." Students voted on their favorite music and Channel One played the top vote getters on the air.

Classrooms were rocking last year and now the volume is going to be pumped up even higher.

"This is moronic," said Jim Metrock. "Taxpayers aren’t paying for Channel One to be promoting the newest rap singer or rock musician in public schools. Channel One is becoming more goofy every day. A teacher who truly cares about education has only one alternative when the Channel One TVs come on automatically every morning – turn it off."

Thursdays will continue to be "All Request Thursdays" and beginning in late September, Monday’s will be transformed into "New Music Mondays."

Note:  A school district does not have to wait until the end of the three-year contract to remove Channel One from their schools. The school board attorney should find that there is no penalty for ending the contract early.