Some Schools No Longer Have To Show C1 In 80% Of Classrooms

September 5, 2001

Finally Channel One is putting their contract on their web site for the public to see. You can view their contract at  

In this version of their contract, Channel One no longer demands that at least 80% of all classrooms show their program. There is no minimum anymore. Does this change the contract for all schools? Are some schools being treated more strictly than others?

In the new contract, Channel One says that no teacher or student has to participate. This apparently means that all teachers could turn their show off and the school would still be in compliance.

Jim Metrock said, "Removing the 80% clause is a major change for Channel One. They still have the requirement that schools show the program at least 90% of all school days, but they are also saying that no classroom is required to show the program.  I hope schools will take advantage of this new language and turn Channel One off and keep the equipment."