Channel One Stops Student Produced Week

October 26, 2001

They have already gotten rid of their VP of Education.  They said goodbye to their ivory tower on Madison Avenue.  Their staff size has shrunk.  Life isn’t good at Channel One nowadays. The days of free spending and high-living are over.  

Now Channel One has announced a cancellation of their Student Produced Week.  This is a week where students from schools that are under contract to Channel One can come and assume various on-camera and off-camera positions. It is a great public relations tool for Channel One.

Channel One claims the reason for the cancellation is their fear that parents will be concerned about their children flying on planes, but that doesn’t sound truthful. Many of the schools that have sent students to their SPW are within driving distance of the Channel One studio in Hollywood. Obviously, if they wanted to continue the SPW they would offer it only to applicants that were given permission to fly. Also, SPW is not until next spring. No, the real reason for cancellation is that Channel One is hurting in the pocket book.