Tim Hutchinson Works Hard For Anti-Family Channel One

November 28, 2001

For over two years, U. S. Senator Tim Hutchinson (R-AK) has been
doing the bidding of Primedia’s Channel One.

Hutchinson’s staff has allowed the "pro-family" Senator to become
a tool for this big money marketing company.

Jim Metrock said, "When Senator Hutchinson pushes Channel One’s agenda
in Congress, he is pushing the agenda of Hollywood and its filthy and violent
fare.  Channel One is a major advertising vehicle for Hollywood’s
sleaze. The Senator appears to have no qualms about violent entertainment
being forced on schoolchildren during their school day. One could argue
that Senator Hutchinson’s staff didn’t do their research, but the Senator
has to take responsiblity. If Senator Hutchinson is ‘pro-family’, I hate
to see those Senators who aren’t."