“Casino Jack” Abramoff

December 17, 2001
Why is this man smiling? You would too, if you were "Casino Jack" Abramoff. He looks after the interests of casinos and Channel One. Both pay him an obscene amount of money.

December 17, 2001 – "Casino Jack" Abramoff

Channel One’s survival depends on federal government money – your tax money.  Without the public service announcements and military recruitment commercials, Channel One would be absolutely dead.

Channel One must continue to lobby Congress to make sure members don’t interfere with their moneymaking machine in public schools. Although Channel One has been a failure at many of its endeavours, they have been very successful in their lobbying, especially on Capitol Hill. That success comes in large part to "Casino Jack" Abramoff with Greenberg and Traurig, a lobbying firm.

Public relations-wise, "Casino Jack" is an odd person for Channel One to go to, since he is best known for his work with casinos. He represents the Choctaw Indians in Mississippi who have the Silver Star Casino. He just signed a deal to represent another Indian tribe in Michigan that need help in Washington with their casino. Also, "Casino Jack" last month had to give up a 1/3 stake in a cruise casino enterprise because he was about to be sued for millions. (You got to know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.)

"Casino Jack" doesn’t appear to care much about the social problems with gambling. As long as he makes the big money, then it’s OK.   Also, it doesn’t bother "Casino Jack" to push Channel One even if children lose valuable school time and sleazy and violent movies along with other junk is promoted to children during their class time.  Money is the key to Abramoff and his band of influence peddlers.

Jim Metrock said, "It is hilarious to picture ‘Casino Jack’ Abramoff telling members of Congress that the anti-family Channel One marketing company is something they should support. Casinos and Channel One have one thing in common – they don’t belong in any community."