Time Out

March 19, 2002

From Jim Metrock: There is just so much stuff! We can’t keep up and we
are falling farther behind. There are still reports we should write and
publish concerning Channel One from the 2000-2001 school year!

I had hoped that 2002 would be a year that Obligation would shift some
of its resources to other worthwhile projects. That is happening but the
events at Channel One demand so much attention that it has slowed that

Rest assured Obligation will continue to report on Channel One until it
is out of the commercial exploitation business. But sometimes we have to
catch our breath. After a few more articles Obligation will be taking an
extended break to work on a very significant project. In April, there should
be some interesting developments with Channel One.

Notice to students
and teachers: Make a note to call or write Obligation with the name of
the winning school and student in the "Branching Out" contest
described below. We need to know the name of the winning school as soon
as it is announced on Channel One News or on their web site. C1 says
Michelle Branch will pick the winner on April 19. In case they do not
stream the video that day, we need students and teachers to contact us
after viewing the in-school broadcast.

We will make every effort to have REAL press coverage of the event and
will notify the local superintendent and the state department of education
and state superintendent.

Our phone number: 205-822-0080

Email address: info@obligation.org Thanks!