Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!

April 9, 2002

From: Jim Metrock

Let the good times roll! as they say in New Orleans. I have just come
back from the 62nd National School Board Assn. convention in New Orleans.
Obligation had a booth in the exhibit hall that urged school board members
to remove Channel One from their schools.

I was overwhelmed by the positive reception I received from board members
from Massachusetts to Washington state, from Michigan to Texas – especially
Texas. The word is out about Channel One. I had board members coming up
to me and thanking me for what I was doing.

The Obligation booth had a large banner that read: STILL GOT CHANNEL ONE?

People loved the sign.

A few quick recollections from my notes: TX board member – "God bless
you."; MS superintendent – "Channel One is out at the end of
school. The board has already voted." When asked if any teachers wanted
to keep Channel One, he said, "No."; TX board member: "We’ve
got it and I want to get rid of it. Tell me how."; OH board member: "We
inherited it. Want it out."; CO board member: "We voted not to
accept it. Glad we did.; WA board member: "I’m new on the board. I
want to end the contract."; MI board president: "Just got rid
of it. Other schools nearby still have it for the time being."; GA
board president relates what new superintendent said: "He (superintendent)
told us he would never recommend the renewnal of Channel One."; CA
board member: "We’re one of the few in the state to have Channel One
and I am fighting to get it out this year."; AZ retired board president
and superintendent: "We never even thought about it (Channel One).
It’s just (expletive deleted)!"; UT board member: "We have it
and I need ammunition to convince the rest of the board."; NJ board
member "I want this out of our schools now. We have been discussing
it for months."

That is a sample of the reactions during the three-day convention. School
board members know they have a problem with advertising junk food to their
students. That is a killer for C1.

I had fun showing Channel One’s commercials to shocked board members who
almost to a one haven’t seen what has been advertised in their schools.
The Twinkie commercials were as replusive as the Rollerball ads.

I left New Orleans yesterday in a terrible rain storm. I have never driven
in worse weather, but my spirits were as high as a kite. I felt like the
sun was shining only on me. I understood clearly that Channel One was a "dead
man walking." This form of exploitation is dying – for sure. They
can fire most of the staff and get by with public service annoucement revenue
and money from the government and exist in a greatly reduced form for several
more years, but there is no solid base of support for this company.

Channel One had made plans to have a booth at this convention but dropped
out. It would have been brutal for them if they had shown up. I would recommend
that they never come back to the NSBA.

I have the feeling that this year will be a true disaster for Channel
One. They are going to be picking up a lot of their old TV sets very soon.
The good times have come and gone for the marketing geniuses at Channel