Monica Struts Her Stuff On Channel One News

September 5, 2002

Monica is a singer with a new CD coming out soon. Her record company paid Channel One to get her in front of the eight million students who are under contract to Channel One. Monica took away school time from students in order to push “All Eyez on Me” her latest CD.

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/www/monica plugging.jpg”All Eyez on Monica 

One of R&B’s hottest artists struts her stuff in the Channel One studio while answering your questions!

By Stephanie L. Smith

Double-platinum songstress, Monica, is dropping a new album in November 2002 — All Eyez on Me — and all eyes were definitely on her when she dropped by the Hacienda to guest anchor Channel One News!

She hung out with us backstage and answered Channel One viewers’ questions on everything from her advice to aspiring singers to whether she still keeps in touch with Brandy! Check out the photos from the interview and see if one of your questions got picked!”

Monica is the latest music artist that has paraded in front of students on Channel One News. C1 is making itself into its own version of MTV. This commercial content is in addition to the two-minutes of regular ads. Monica songs filled the classroom before and after commercial breaks giving students a chance to hear samples of her songs. This is a marketer’s dream come true.


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