Titusville, PA Expands School Day For Channel One

October 28, 2002

Notice to parents at the first of this school year:

“CHANGES IN THE SCHOOL DAY – This year our school day will begin at 7:55 a.m. and end at 3:13 p.m. While it may be difficult to get used to beginning a little earlier, our staff felt that we needed to reintroduce the concept of watching the Channel One daily news time in a more structured setting. We believe that it is necessary for students to be informed about current events and issues and have the opportunity to discuss them with each other and our staff. By beginning the school day at 7:55, we can accomplish this goal to help improve education for our students.”

Well, the principal who wrote this failed to tell parents that the homeroom period that Channel One is being shown in is only 12 minutes long. Channel One is often 13 minutes long. There is no time for teachers to “discuss” the current events on Channel One. Here is a clear example of a lazy principal and school staff using Channel One as an electronic babysitter. Parents ought to grab the principal by his ear and make him write “I won’t waste school time again” one hundred times on the blackboard.