On The Ropes

August 7, 2003

It’s not a good sign for the few supporters of Channel One News. Channel One is moving again. This time they have moved out of their Jimmy Carter Blvd. digs in Norcross, GA to less expensive accommodations at 3100 Breckenridge  Blvd., Suite 529, Duluth, GA.

Two years ago, Channel One was forced to move out of their glitzy Madison Avenue offices in New York City into About.com’s spare offices. These moves wouldn’t be happening if Channel One News was healthy. The company has suffered as advertisers walk away from Channel One’s controversial show.

Obligation estimates that the 2003-04 school year will see a loss of 10% of Channel One’s audience. The pressure for more accountability from public schools will mean that many schools will turn off the Channel One News show. Others will just call Channel One and tell them to pick up their TV equipment. (Channel One is getting pretty good at removing their TV sets from schools.)

Obligation has provided credible evidence about Channel One to the public for over seven years. We have seen great victories and have suffered disappointing defeats. Channel One News has spent millions battling us in Washington, DC, Montgomery, AL and all across the country. They have lost advertisers. They have lost schools. They have lost the battle for public acceptance. Channel One is a shell of what they were. Their plans for a marketing empire are all gone. Anchors are leaving the show. Soon some major executives will announce their departure, or they will be fired. This is a dead horse. Channel One News can’t exist, with any respectable profit, in the present climate of “better test scores, more accountability.” Schools can’t burn up an hour of school time each week. Those days are over.

If we were Channel One News, we wouldn’t return the moving van yet.  They might need it when the company finally fades to black. That day will be sooner, rather than later.