61 School Years

September 26, 2003

This 30-second commercial for the WB Network’s “Grounded for Life” took up 66,666 hours of school time across the country.

The math: .30 sec. X 8,000,000 students under contract to Channel One = 4,000,000 minutes = 66,666 hours

There are 1,080 academic hours in a 180 day school year.

66,666 / 1,080 = 61.7 school years

Another loss of 61 school years. One Steve Harvey commercial robs taxpayers of $ millions.

Assuming a minute of student time costs 8 cents (very conservative), then one of these commercials robs taxpayers of up to $320,000.

What!? Another WB show plugged on Channel One News?

Oh yeah. Channel One News turns every classroom into a circus.

The cost for just one “What I Like About You” commercial? You guessed it – 61 school years.

“Run of the House” is another WB Network show that runs ads on Channel One News.

Yeah … 61 school years down the drain.

These are just some of the TV shows being advertised by Channel One News.

No school that sacrifices school time for this rubbish deserves the support of the public.