Another Junk Food From “Sugar Daddy”

October 27, 2003






Doritos ads are back on Channel One News. Channel One News is working overtime to push this snack product on kids. Money is flowing into Channel One News from the people at Frito-Lay, makers of Doritos and a division of PepsiCo. Marketing snacks is a major part of Channel One’s revenue plan and always has been

Obligation calls Channel One’s current president Jim Ritts “Sugar Daddy” for a reason. This man has earned the nickname. What caring adult… heck… what adult would agree to advertise Hostess Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes to 8 million young people, ages 10 to 18, when the whole world knows there is an obesity crisis in that age group?

Jim Ritts, Jim Ritts, He’s our man.

If he can’t get kids to eat more junk food, nobody can.

(Apologies to everyone but Ritts.)

Jim “Sugar Daddy” Ritts is one cold-hearted fellow. One can picture this guy sitting in his office yelling, “Show me the money!” When Hershey was proposed as a new advertiser, “Sugar Daddy” had no problems with it. If Hershey’s money is green, then the kids will see Hershey ads. (Presently, Hershey is advertising Jolly Rancher candy, but Obligation believes it is only a matter of time before Hershey chocolate bars will be advertised on the show. One of Channel One’s largest sources of revenue in its 13-year history was Mars/M&M. For years, Channel One relentlessly ran ads for Twix bars, M&Ms, Milky Ways, and Snickers.)

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, “‘Sugar Daddy’ Ritts is the type of marketer that is an embarrassment to the marketing industry. He should feel a special responsibility his captive audience of impressionable children, but instead, this guy is as aggressive as they come. Remember it was Ritts that ran ads offering children chances to win cash if they ate more McDonald french fries. One ad Ritts approved showed teen boys about to eat an additional order of fries after finishing eating at McDonald’s just so they could have another chance to win $1 million. Ritts and the rest of the crew at Channel One News are just bad news for children’s health.”

A person can get on the Internet and find several articles
about the fat and calorie content of Doritos. This is a sample:

Snacking to a Healthier Lifestyle
by Emily Park

When you see a bag of Doritos and a box of raisins, which
do you go for? You will most likely reach for the bag of Doritos.
Those cheddar cheese goodies are hard to resist. Unfortunately,
they also pack a lot of fat and unnecessary calories. About
11 chips (approximately 1 oz.) of Doritos Nacho Cheesier, according
to the bag, has 140 calories, 7 grams of fat, 200 milligrams
of sodium, 17 carbohydrates and 2 grams of protein. The California
Raisins, according to the web site, contain about 130 calories
for 40 g (about 1.41 ounces) of raisins. And not only can you
eat more for less calories, raisins have 0 grams of fat, only
10 mg of sodium, and 0 mg of cholesterol. Overall, I would
have to say that the raisins are definitely the healthier choice.

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