Channel One Wants Kids To SUPER SIZE Those Fries

November 11, 2003

Channel One has had a love affair with the McDonald’s Corporation for many years. Students are accustomed to seeing special ads on Channel One News urging them to enter contests at their local McDonald’s. One famous Channel One ad showed a carload of teens agreeing that they should eat MORE french fries (after they had already eaten) so their chances of winning a million dollars would improve. (Game pieces were on the french fry container.)

One would think that the national outrage over overweight children would cause Channel One News to rethink their junk food advertising – wrong. Channel One News is clearly stepping up their junk food advertising.

Here is a frame from the Channel One ad for McDonald’s Monopoly contest. This ad ran in September and October 2003. Notice how the commercial shows “Super Size” on the french fries. That wasn’t an accident. The message is clear: “Super Size Those Fries, Kids.” This ad was screened and approved by Channel One News and passed with flying colors, mainly because of the ad revenue that it represented.

If you eat more fries and burgers at McDonalds, then you can increase your chances of winning cash. Children are told their dreams can come true if they are winners at McDonalds.
They assume that one dream is to be in a tub with two women.
Unlike the Channel One ad for the Sims Superstar video game, which we will report on soon, at least these women have some
clothing on.

The frame below is what the students see at the end of the commercial.

The “M” in this ad should stand for “moron.” It should refer to school
administrators that think it’s “cute” and “fun” to convert taxpayer time (and money) into “McDonald’s Marketing

Channel One News is “lovin’ it” all the way to the bank. Channel One’s president Jim Ritts is getting filthy rich
by pushing more and more junk food on students.

McDonald’s is “lovin’ it” because they can pound their junk food messages into the heads of children over and
over and over during school time via Channel One News. “Ah, the joy of a captive audience.”

Parents have no idea this stupidity is usurping their children’s
educational time. We’ll be “lovin’ it” when Channel One News ceases operations.