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December 30, 2003

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Jim Ritts, Channel One’s President, Master Junk Food Marketer to Kids

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Video – Ralph Nader – Protest Channel One

Interview at the 2000 Schmio Awards. MediaChannel: What’s the best approach for thinking individuals to counter the advertising industry?
Nader: “As a consumer, reject it in every way. For example, if you see excessive advertising everywhere — on the floors, on the walls, in the store — just go to the manager [and] say you don’t want to shop in a situation like that. If you see too much advertising on television programs, twelve minutes every thirty minutes or fifteen or eighteen minutes, just call up the manager [and] say I am not watching this show anymore. If your child goes to a school that’s cut a deal with Pepsi Cola or Coca-Cola, just object. If you don’t like Channel One that’s being fed into the school systems — a captive student audience with two minutes of junk advertising and the rest MTV-type news — protest to the principal and say this is outrageous. We want twelve minutes for civic education, not to turn children into consumers of junk products like soft drinks that get their cavities going, or underarm deodorants or other kinds of things. This is not education.”

Video – Conservative Arianna Huffington Warns About Channel One

Interview at the 2000 Schmio Awards (opposing the advertising industry’s Clio awards). MediaChannel: Aside from the laughs, what’s the value of something like the Schmios?

AH: “I think it is very important, because advertising has become like Muzak — we don’t even notice it. And yet it has a very evasive effect, especially when it comes to children. And the award that I’m giving tonight is to Commercial Alert [which] has been alerting citizens, parents, anybody who cares, to the fact that our children, when they are the most captive audience in a school, are being exposed to advertising as part of Channel One, as part of ZapMe! — you know, programs that get into schools by giving computers or donating supposedly current affairs time. But the truth is that this is more advertising at a time which is supposed to be sacred, which is suppose to be about learning, about wisdom, and about preparing for life, not about being exposed to more things to buy.”

Public Service
Announcement “Say ‘No’ To Channel One” (August 7, 2001)
Click for the free Quick Time viewer.

Mobile County, AL students had to listen to the shock rocker Marilyn Manson on Channel One.
More than once.
Students in the Dothan, AL school district were urged repeatedly to see the drug comedy “Dude, Where’s My Car?” Dothan taxpayers helped subsidize a movie that glamourized marijuana usage. Why would Channel One promote a drug movie to kids? (Answer: money) In 2000, Shelby County students didn’t see the raunchy rapper, Sisqo, pushing Pepsi and his music on a classroom TV. Shelby County kicked Channel One out in 1998.

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