Adult Sex Comedy Advertised On Channel One News

March 3, 2004

From Jim Metrock:

I have already written about the Channel One-advertised 50 First Dates, but today I saw it for myself.

This movie is just filth. I see why it was originally rated R.

The thugs at Channel One News ought to be utterly ashamed of themselves. Any adult that encourages children to see this vulgarity is a thug in my book. That person is beneath contempt. They made money advertising this junk to kids. Their only defense is this sex comedy was advertised to students 13 and up on their TV show, but they advertised it to all children on their web site. They ran a contest that dangled prizes in front of children to get them motivated to see this movie.

There is a name for adults that puts sexual images in front of children to get some type of gratification. Channel One News executives put ads for sexual and drug movies in front of children to get financial gratification.

If a person reading this has the slightly positive feeling toward Channel One News, then please go see Adam Sandler’s 50 First Dates. It’s playing at your local multiplex. (You will see a line of children ahead of you. Their school advertised the movie.) You will want to take a shower afterwards. There is somebody at Channel One News that really likes Sandler’s style of sleaze. Sandler’s adult cartoon Eight Crazy Nights and The Waterboy were both advertised on Channel One News.

Waterboy was a movie that made fun of a mentally retarded young man; 50 First Dates is a running joke about brain-injured people. (Several reviews were revolted at Sandler crude jokes at the expense of brain-damaged individuals. Is this the stuff we want public schools lifting up to students?) I guess Channel One’s president Jim Ritts is rolling on the floor laughing about the money he made advertising this cultural rot from Sony/Columbia Pictures. I guess Channel One’s mouthpiece Jeff Ballabon almost choked on his Big Mac giggling like a school girl over this dirty joke played on schoolchildren. I guess Morgan Wandell is chuckling about the money he makes advertising drug-drenched, alcohol-drenched, and sex-drenched movies to kids.

“Thugs” may be too nice a word for the likes of these people. Did anyone of them ask to screen this movie before they advertised it to students? No, they were too busy.

Check out the content of this Channel One-approved movie at What you read will make you sick. Having seen it, I can tell the movie experience is worse than reading the offensive content. Almost every other line in the movie is a sex joke, a profanity, a drug reference, a joke about being drunk, a joke about the sex organs of animals, a joke about brain-injured men and women. This is an ugly movie that tries to get out of the gutter but doesn’t succeed.

Channel One’s long history of pushing sleazy sex comedies on children continues. When is this madness going to end? How insensitive can Channel One fat cat executives be?

These Channel One employees knew not to approve Supernova for children because it was an ultra violent movie with nudity and drug content. They did it anyway. They were thugs to have done that to children.

Channel One employees knew that Stealing Harvard was a sex comedy that was inappropriate for children. The movie encouraged teens – not “young adults”- but TEENS to drink and drive. Channel One News advertised it anyway. They were thugs to have done that to children.

Channel One employees knew that The Animal was filled with sexual content that included bestiality content. Who would approve that for children? Thugs would.

Channel One knew that Eight Crazy Nights was a vulgar adult cartoon. They advertised it not once, not twice, not three times, not four times, not five times, but seven times in America’s classrooms. They were thugs to have done that to other people’s children.

Channel One News knew that Dude, Where’s My Car? was a pro-drug movie whose sexual content, with relentless oral sex references was so wrong for children. What type of adult would encourage children to see a movie with this content? The thugs at Channel One News didn’t blink an eye pushing this rot on kids.

Let’s hope these thugs find themselves unemployed and on the street soon. Maybe they can find a job in the adult movie business. It would fit them better. Go see this movie and see if I am going too easy on these creeps.

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