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March 14, 2004

At the official
web site
for Channel One News, a new poll is asking children their
thoughts on the ban on gay marriages.

Blocks Same-Sex Weddings in San Francisco

Do you think that same-sex weddings will eventually resume?

Yes or

Channel One News previously has had at least one other poll
on gay marriage
. The poll results showed Channel One’s audience
was split almost 50/50 on whether men should be allowed to marry
men. That isn’t too surprising if you are an impressionable young
person watching and reading all the gay content on Channel One News

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, "Why is Channel One News continuing
this ‘gay assault’ on kids? It is bad enough on the in-school TV show,
but on the web site, even a younger audience is exposed to this content.
Why does Channel One News think it is SO important that children address
over and over again the lifestyle of men having sex with men and women
having sex with women? This company has to develop some sensitivity
to the special nature of their audience. No matter what a person thinks
about gay marriage, and it is real apparent how Channel One executives
feel about it, it is just wrong to be rubbing children’s noses in this
controversial subject."

Metrock continued, "Over the weekend of March 13-14, Channel
One cut and pasted three AP stories for kids to read. These must have
been considered the most important stories for children or why else
would Channel One have chosen them from the AP wire? ‘Court Blocks
Same-Sex Weddings in San Francisco’ is one of the three. It is hard
to believe that Channel One could not have found three news stories
appropriate and interesting to young people that did not talk about
gay issues. A reasonable person has to assume that Channel One News
by its repeated actions has an agenda they are pursuing with the children."

Here is the first part of the news story Channel One News posted for
kids this weekend:


Blocks Same-Sex Weddings in San Francisco

Date Posted: March 12, 2004

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The California Supreme Court ordered an
immediate halt to same-sex weddings in San Francisco on Thursday
as Massachusetts lawmakers gave preliminary approval to a constitutional
amendment to ban gay marriages in the only state where they
have been ruled legal.

Teary-eyed couples were quickly turned away at San Francisco’s
City Hall, where more than 3,700 gay couples have tied the
knot in the last month.

"We were filling out the application and they told us
to stop," said Art Adams, who was the first to be denied
as he and partner Devin Baker sought a license. "It’s
heartbreaking. I don’t understand why two people in love should
be prevented from expressing it …"

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