Two Jims

April 12, 2004

From Jim Metrock: 

When I send Channel One’s president emails, he doesn’t respond. Therefore, I have decided to conduct a totally made-up conversation between Jim Ritts and myself.

Mr. Ritts, glad to have you
at Obligation’s web site. Do you mind answering a few questions
I have?

Metrock, you are an absolute fool. 
We have never met. We are not actually talking to each other. You are talking to yourself. You are dreaming this stuff up.You are a real mental case!

Settle down, Jim. There is no need to
get personal. Can you tell me a little bit about the March 17
Channel One News commercial for a new product called Rollitos?

is crazy. What do you
want to know about it?
And don’t call me “Jim.”

Why did you run the ad?


Good grief.
You are  a moron, Metrock.
Why do think we ran it?

Just for the money?



Oh wow, you ARE smarter than you look.

For the sake of the people reading
this, Rollitos are a new junk food from Frito-Lay.

there you go. “Junk food” is YOUR label. You are
always trying to stir things up.

This is a new
Doritos snack that is sold only in small 7.5 oz. bags, like
you find at a convenience store.
One oune has
140 calories and 8 grams of fat. Regular Doritos have 7 grams
of fat per ounce. One small bag has 1,050 calories and 60 grams
of fat. A child could easily eat that in one sitting.

can be a part of a
healthy diet for any child.

I guess you can
say that about any food item. For years Channel One News
advertised Snickers and
to schoolchildren. Can M&Ms be a “part of a healthy

Sure they can. Even obese
children can eat Snickers and M&Ms
and other “fun food ” we advertise on Channel One.
They just shouldn’t go overboard.

Mr. Ritts, you know a lot of schoolchildren
are overweight. Shouldn’t you show some restraint in advertising
candy bars,
snack foods and soft drink to students?

We are very sensitive
to the health concerns of our young audience. You ought to
see the food products that we have refused to advertise.
For example, Channel One News refused to take money from
Hostess. They wanted us to advertise their cupcakes and Twinkies.
I think we all can agree that Twinkies ARE junk food and we refused them.

Er… Jim, I mean, Mr. Ritts, Channel
One News DID advertise Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes. You had
extensive advertising
campaigns for both.

OK, this make-believe interview is over. You
are just out to embarrass people and I don’t have to put
up with this.

Mr. Ritts, hold on. I wanted to ask you about the new ad campaign
Channel One News started during March 2004 to encourage kids
to eat more McDonald’s french fries. Can I get a comment from
you on this new McDonald’s promotion? Mr. Ritts? Mr. Ritts, are
you there?


Two new ad campaigns began in March 2004. PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division is using Channel One News to introduce a new product called Rollitos to schoolchildren. Also, McDonalds is using Channel One to run an ad campaign aimed at promoting increased consumption of french fries. In one ad on Channel One, several people are in a car and they have a bag filled with McDonald’s french fries (the camera looks down into their bag and all you see are three large containers of french fries). The young people are in a convertible and they put the top down while they are driving,. but something is wrong. The passengers can’t smell the wonderful fries with the top down. The next scene in the commercial shows the topgoing back up and everybody is happy because they can not only munch the McDonald’s french fries but they can smell them too.

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, “We just pretended to have a conversation with Jim Ritts, but there is nothing imaginary with the junk food marketing blitz that continues on Channel One News. It is shameful what Channel One is advertising to children. One small Rollitos chip is over 8 calories. This new junk food has even more sodium than regular Doritos. Channel One is urging kids to buy and eat a new Doritos product that has more fat content than the old Doritos, which were heavy on fat to begin with. Peddling junk food is what Channel One News does extremely well. This summer is the perfect time for schools to end their Channel One contracts. Students will be healthier when Channel One News is turned off.”

Channel One News
Making kids fatter since 1990

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