Old News

August 15, 2004

Headline at 6:15 PM (CDT) August
15, 2004

On Channel One’s Web Site


Channel One News likes to bill itself as the “only source of news” for many of the children forced to watch their in-school TV show.

Heaven help those unfortunate children.

Channel One News does not broadcast over the summer. To Channel One News, there is no news over the summer. If there was, they would report on it. At the beginning of September, they routinely air a quick summary of the events of summer. It’s a bone they throw to kids and it’s better than nothing 

They could easily do a newscast several times a day on their web site, but Channel One’s president Jim Ritts has chosen each year to forego the expense of such an endeavor. Instead, he has directed the people who run ChannelOne.com to cut and paste three or four AP stories onto site. They don’t even do that daily.

The screen shot above is from late Sunday afternoon, August 15. The “news professionals” at ChannelOne.com must have taken the weekend off. (The fact of the matter is, every weekend is “down-time” for Channel One employees all year long.)

A young person who truly had no other source of news would think that Hurricane Charley was about to hit the coast of Florida on SUNDAY AFTERNOON. In truth, Hurricane Charley was no longer a hurricane and was about to enter the Canadian Maritime provinces. The carnage of Hurricane Charley just escaped Channel One. The hurricane hit western Florida around noon on the previous FRIDAY AFTERNOON>

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, “News is a joke to Channel One. They couldn’t care less about informing young people. This is just the latest case of lazy, stale reporting, or rather lazy, stale ‘cutting and pasting.’ “

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