Channel One Advertiser Offers Graphic Sexual and Drug/Alcohol Images for Teen Cell Phones

September 7, 2004

official web site for Channel One News has a new, shocking advertiser.

The name of the advertiser is
This company is paying Channel One News so they can have access
to the children that visit
(The in-school TV show, Channel One News, repeatedly urges students
to visit Channel One’s site.)

On the home page of
and on numerous other pages, children see the banner ad for sells ring tones for cell phones and wallpaper
for cell phone screens. Children use these tones and images to
customize their phones. offers pornographic wallpaper or images to its customers.
There are no safeguards to keep children from viewing their mature offerings
and from buying them. They ask if a customer is over 13 but that is about
it. (Young people pay $4.99 a month for the use of a ring tone and use
of the image on their cell phone screen.)

There are other unsavory aspects
of this Channel One advertiser. They also offer online games that
young people can pay to enter so they can win cash and prizes.

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, "This
is outrageous. Advertising this sleaze to children should be reason
enough for any school that still is saddled with Channel One News
to end their contract. The more children who visit
from the Channel One News site adds to Channel One’s revenue. Can
you imagine a parent or a principal seeing one of these images
on a child’s cellphone. People who put this stuff in front of kids
for their own profit are one of the lowest forms of life on our

Here is a sample of some of
the wallpaper images children can peruse and buy.

Image Removed

Wasn’t there anyone at Channel One that
checked this advertiser out?

Image Removed

Channel One’s advertiser is contributing
to the delinquency of minors.


"Beer. It’s your friend."

Yuk, yuk, Channel One.

Image Removed

Image Removed

Channel One’s CEO Jim Ritts had to sign
off on this controversial advertiser. "Ritts, what
were you thinking?!"

Image Removed

Did Channel One think these images would
be fun for kids to have on their cell phones?

Image Removed

Could you imagine your child having this
on his phone?

Image Removed

Parent: How did you get this on your cell

Child: It’s OK, Mom. I got it through
Channel One News.

Image Removed

Channel One’s advertiser also has a selection
of porn for girls.

Channel One, isn’t this sending the wrong
drug message to kids?

All of these images came from




Note: Channel One News rotates
advertisers on their web site. If you go to you
might not see the ad, but it will pop be there
the next time you visit their site.

Channel One News routinely removes
offensive content from their official web site once Obligation
draws public attention to it. Very possibly, Channel One News will
post some warning to children about the content at
(there is none now) or they may remove the ads (let’s hope). What
they can’t change is their reckless disregard for other people’s

What in the world will Channel
One News dump on kids next?