Hubba Bubba To The Max

May 1, 2005

Actual screen shot from Channel
One News.

They just don’t learn.

Channel One can’t stay away from the junk.

Wrigley Gum has used Channel One for over a decade
to sell gum to preteens and teens. Now, in 2005, Wrigley is reintroducing
a "classic" gum from about thirty years ago – Hubba Bubba
Bubble Gum.

What better way to get kids to try this heavily-sugared
gum than to run ads for it during their school time. Schools that
are endeavoring to make their student body healthier should be

The above screen shot is from a Channel One show
this April that shows the name of the gum. Obligation has not seen
a formal 30 or 15-second commercial for the gum yet.

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, "Channel One
appears to be testing the water by having Hubba Bubba bubble gum
sponsor a segment of the show. It is very subtle, but may build
a ‘buzz’ among students. If teachers don’t complain about the logo,
then the commercials will soon start like the ones for Bubblicious
bubble gum
. Pushing bubble gum on students will land Channel
One in detention in many states. It is difficult to imagine what
Channel One executives were thinking when they approved ads for
bubble gum."

Addendum from Jim Metrock:

Ken McNatt has informed me that Channel One ran a
15-second commercial on March 11 for this product. We have yet
to receive our tapes for that time period, so I didn’t know. I
have never known Ken to be wrong. Ken is a college student that
has provided a wealth of Channel One information to the public
over the years. His web site is

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