Channel One News Down To Three Anchors

July 13, 2005

Is longtime Channel One hack Derrick Shore perusing
the want ads?


Only Errol Barnett, new-comer Melissa Knowles and
Seth Doane remain as Channel One News anchors.

Sofia Lidskog is gone after a year. Derrick Shore,
who has been at Channel One for over five years was either given
the boot or resigned.

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, "As schools continue
to ignore Channel One’s contract, advertisers continue to pay less
for ad space on the show. This money crunch has caused a continuous
exodus of employees from the company. Once being an anchor on Channel
One was seen as an accelerator for a media career. Nowadays working
for Channel One News can be a real stumbling block to a promising
future. For example, Lauren Jiggetts went straight from Harvard
to be a Channel One anchor. It was one of the dumbest career moves
a human being ever made. She lasted one year. She was lucky to
land a job as as an entry-level general assignment reporter for
a low-ranked WB Boston TV station. One year of working for the
Great Exploiter of Schoolchildren may have negated her four years
at Harvard."

As Channel One News struggles to find new sources
of revenue to make up for the lower advertising rates, they will
continue to merge ads with the editorial content. This is one more
reason why schools are unplugging their old Channel One TV sets.