Bubble Gum For The Mind

July 28, 2005

Basketball star LeBron James shows Channel One News students how to blow a Bubblicious bubble.

Children saw numerous Bubblicious bubble gum commercials on C1N this spring. More are coming.


Bubble gum is a fitting product for Channel One News to advertise.

The company can’t give up its deep ties to junk food. Obligation expects bubble gum and other junk products like Doritos to be advertised this coming school year.

Channel One has refused to say if soft drink ads are gone for good. It was the soft drink companies that dumped Channel One News, not the other way around.

Certainly Endurance Gatorade will be heavily advertised as it was the past 04-05 school year. This new Gatorade product is loaded with sodium with 200 milligrams, twice the amount of regular Gatorade. It is only meant for dedicated endurance athletes yet Channel One is helping to market the intense product to children in middle school. For virtually all of Channel One’s young audience, Gatorade, regular and Endurance, represents a large amount of unnecessary calories.

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